Supported menu types

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Sidebar animations

On the left you can see many predefined animations for the menu when it is in sidebar position. These super-smooth animations are all CSS3 based, GPU accelerated and working out of the box. The transitions are optimalised for mobile devices also for higher user experience.

SlideMenu transitions

The menu transitions are played when the user opens a sub-level or navigates back to a parent-level. You can create your own animation with the Animation Builder, or you can choose from the pre-defined transitions.

Try them here:

DropMenu transitions

Try out this highly customizable sample DropMenu on the left. It has a logo image on the top and a custom module in the second level. We have created a lot of drop animations as well.

Try them here:


On mobile devices DropMenu has an automatic fallback to SlideMenu. Check it on the left.


If you would like to show your menu in a real hierarchical structure, TreeMenu will be the right choice. Vertical Menu also includes a variety of pre-designed skins.

Try them here:

Lightgreen #1BB869 Green #9cbf3d Sunny #F6B63A Orange #EF8642 Red #E15544 magenta #bf4e79 purple #8868c9 lightblue #2699c8 darkblue #3c5569

Pop-up menu

There are 2 options to show the Pop-up menu:

  • Fixed mode: The open button will be showed always
  • Module position mode: The open button will be scrolled

The Pop-up menu has an intelligent layout algorithm, which will decide to open the menu under or above the open button.

Scroll this icon to the bottom or top of the browser and click on it:

Overlay menu

Are you working on a modern, trendy website? Use this fancy off-screen navigation to impress your clients.

Accordion MenuNEW

This menu type makes navigation easier if you have a lot of categories. The sub-levels will appear directly under their parents. Each submenu levels can be expand or collapse. When you open a branch, the previously opened will automatically close to save space.

Try the Accordion Menu with some cool menu item animations:

SHOW me the menu

Built-in filter

Have a lot of menu items? With the built-in powerful filter option it can't cause headache anymore. Just start to type the name of the submenu, and most relevants items will appear as a list below the filter bar.

SHOW me the feature

Custom logo & Module positions

Customize your menu with your own logo. You can browse any type of image in the module parameters which will be showed above the menu.

Responsive SlideMenu has built-in module positions in every menu-levels, which names can be changed in the admin interface. With this feature you are able to add a lot of cool modules to the navigation, depending on the current opened menu-point. Improve the user experience with a google maps integration or with an AJAX search.

SHOW me the feature

Responsive & Mobile Optimized

SlideMenu is fully responsive and touch-enabled for an enhanced mobile experience. With the intuitive gesture support we added a more confortable way for swiping back in the menu system. You can explore the animation effects with a slower swipe, or rollback the swipe if you changed your mind. The whole menu has immediately touch detection for the fastest feedback.

Free Iconset

Customize your menu with more than 220 icons. You can dowload it from the link below.

Grab them from here:

Download the iconset

Smooth scrolling navigation

If you would like to have a scrolling navigation on a one-page site, this menu will be the right choice. Responsive SlideMenu is able to roll the site to the specified IDs. For using this feature you only need to create "System link" menu item type, and give to the link the #ID. On smaller devices it has an auto-hide feature as well.

SHOW me the demo site

Animation builder included

Do you want to fine-tune the predefined animations? The Advanced animation builder will help you to achieve your goals with many customizable parameters. You can define custom animation for the whole menu in and out transitions, and for the menu items as well.

With so many setting options you can give your site a unique feel and look.

Powerful API functions

With the API you are able to control the menu, or get some information about the current state of the module. This can be also used to connect another extension with the Responsive SlideMenu. For example: you can trigger your custom JavaScript code, when the menu opened.

SHOW me the API calls

Unlimited possibilities

We have created some sample Sidebar menu, to show you how powerful this extension is. It only needs a few minutes to make spectacular result which brings your site alive. Download these samples and import them to your Vertical Menu on the back-end.

Parallax SlideMenu

In clean theme you can choose a backgrund image, which will scroll during navigation.


Expanded Menu

This menu shows a two level deep navigation, where the second level is expanded.


Simple Menu

This simple menu shows a one level deep navigation, with flat colors.


Light Menu

This pure menu solution can fit all modern websites. Try it on your own! ;)


Movie TreeMenu

This menu has a custom BG image, which fits the menu in every screen resolution.


Overlay Menu

With this overlay menu you can create full-screen menu animations.